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This blog is about my truths, my desire to express beyond imagery and to share my emotions of today, not yet tomorrow and the experiences from yesterday. There will some fictional stories but mostly, not. The blog are the thoughts from me, my experiences. It is the layers below the cake and my art is the frosting.

Would you rather me kneel before you?

My heart is wrenched in pain. This heaviness has caused me to respire is short burst. I am dazed in this dark moment and it’s so hard to maintain this composure. I want to be angry but I have chosen to cry. I’ve seen the prejudices of your look, your words, and your strife. Where is lady justice when I don’t see her around the corner. Does this body belong to you? Is my skin so light or too dark for your eyes? Your words are condescending and you don’t think I am aware of your bias. You are disrespecting me and it’s my fault because I don’t speak your language. Is it that you rather me kneel before you and not against injustice? Will you only bake me a cake if I’m straight? If our God is the same, would you include me in your prayers? When we die, we will both become dust because we are equally made. We are the human race. It seems that ignorance has given you premiership, doesn’t mean you are able to rule me. Your ways doesn’t benefit me so I will put my faith within myself. I will let your lack of knowledge in the various beauties within me make me stronger and multiply until you receive what you fear most, distinction because in the end, if you still exist, you will have recognized my power.