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This blog is about my truths, my desire to express beyond imagery and to share my emotions of today, not yet tomorrow and the experiences from yesterday. There will some fictional stories but mostly, not. The blog are the thoughts from me, my experiences. It is the layers below the cake and my art is the frosting.

Yellow Grass

There is one memory from Puerto Rico that I remember so fondly and that was the field next to our house. It was a field of tall yellow grass that was as tall as me. Even then, I remember being so reflective about its presence. I don’t remember anything specific happening in the field as much as I remember just being there, stroking the top of the grass with my hands, caring so much to be part of the grass. Terra Firma comes from this memory.

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All But A Feeling

The title, All But A Feeling came from a title from a screenplay I wrote many years ago. The main character basically felt that feelings were irrelevant to the truth of her identity. Her feelings were inconsequential from the bigger picture of religion, race and love. This premise is what the character believes. In the end…

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